The school embarks on the mission of creating individuals who are confident about their potential, diligent to work towards their goal, sensitive to their environment and above all co creators of their destiny. Backed by curriculum that integrates the last of the eastern and western system of education, the school enables child to find his/her true calling in life.


Shri Guru Nanak Senior Secondary School Kundeshwari Road, Kashipur was established in 1987.

The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi. It has a very spacious, airy, lush green and pollution free campus which spread over more than 5 acre. The school is managed by the well known and respected persons of the city. The management members give full attention and devote their precious time for the all around development of the school. It is a school where is the child gets a glimpse of rich Indian values. The main emphasis if on true, absolute human values. We at Shri Guru Nanak Sr. Sec. School believe that each one of us in capable of and has a responsibility towards our offspring to contribute our might in the making of a better and happier world. The main aim our school is to make the child independent, confident, tolerant, patient so that they learn to love mankind, forgive, be compassionate and respect all religions.

At Shri Guru Nanak Sr. Sec. School, we try to inculcate following values in the students:

1. Persistence makes the impossible possible, the possible likely and the likely definite.
2. Resolution to succeed is more important than anything.
3. Success comes from calmness of the mind because it is a cold iron which cuts and bends hot iron.
4. Knowing how to win is the first step but knowing how to make use of our victories makes us real champions.